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Morgellons fibers in a cat tissue

A healthy 7 year old female spayed domestic Shorthair ca
t was presented for evaluation of a small rash or abrasion in the skin of the right flank.  Associated with the rash and directly below it there was a palpable nodular, irregular mass that was not painful nor had the
character of an abscess.  
cat surgery morgellons disease

The mass was excisted and several
string-like fibrous strands were visible extending from (or to) the subcutaneous mass along and over the muscle fascia of the lumbar and gluteal muscles.
     The mass and a fiber were excised.
Morgellons fibers in a cat

The mass was  evaluated by a vaterinary pathologist and the report indicated a benign fibrous tissue accumualtion and "a linear band of connective tissue" of unknown importance.The mass was not cancerous nor displayed any signs of infectious processes.  Unfortunately the patient was not available for further follow-up.  The fiber(s) was not sent to the pathologist but retained for inspection and photography.